Motorcycle Training

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Post Test Rider Training

We can help you get back on the road with confidence building sessions.

Enjoy the summer and of course the ride!


Sessions Start from £40

One off sessions for groups or individuals. We can run bespoke sessions for you including basic bike skills or join our 1/2 day or whole day workshops.


We also offer First Aid for Bikers through East Devon Training

Part of the Government's (DVSA) Enhanced Rider Scheme, we can offer group or individual training.


We can also assist in getting you ready for ROSPA and IAM Advanced tests / courses.

Riding for and at Work

Do you ride for work, to a from meetings or do you have employees riding during and for work?


Employers and enployees have a responsibility for Health and Safety of  employees whilst at work.


That means when driving or riding to meetings or from site to site or just during the course of work.


What would happen if there was an accident?


  • Insurance may go up
  • Vehicle and rider down time
  • Was the driver/rider competant or safe?
  • Investigation of the causes and potential legal proceedings


You can reduce the risks through check rides and / drives along with some input from fully DVSA qualified trainers.


We can provide

  • basic safety check rides/drives,
  • ensure your employees meet eyesight criteria for riding or driving
  • provide feedback on safety critical issues as well as advise on improvements that can be made to limit the risk.


Bespoke skills courses or check rides for you or your employees to become safer whilst at work.


Check Rides start at £40 for a two hour assessment giving feedback and if required training suggestions.



The DVSA enhanced rider scheme checks your motorcycle riding skills and provides training to help you improve. More importantly there is no test!


You can get discounts on motorcycle insurance once you’ve successfully completed the scheme.


You can take the enhanced rider scheme if you’re a fully licensed motorcyclist.



The scheme is suitable if you:

  • have just passed your test
  • are returning to riding after a break
  • are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle
  • or want to check your riding standard
  1. You’ll first have a rider assessment with a qualified trainer. You’ll ride in different road and traffic conditions.


Don't worry its not to pick your riding to pieces.


The ride will be long enough for your trainer to make a good assessment of your skills.


For most people this is about 2 hours including feedback. If this shows you don’t need more training you’ll get a DVSA certificate of competence’ straight away.


Otherwise, you’ll get personalised training to improve your skills and get the certificate at the end of your training.


The DVSA certificate of competence may give you discounts with some motorcycle insurers.


The type of training depends on what you need to brush up on. We can offer all-day courses or shorter sessions.

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